Patser' and 'Incredibles 2' win a Belgian Big Screen Award

47% more visitors to cinema for Belgian films

Brussels, 26 February 2019 - Today in Kinepolis Brussels the Belgian Big Screen Awards awarded for the most visited cinema films from 2018. Incredibles 2 is awarded the most visited film of 2018, while 'Patser' received the award for Belgian film with the most visitors. The Belgian films scored well in the cinema the past year. This is how the national top 10 together for nearly two million visitors, an increase of 47% compared to last year. Next to 'Patser also lured 'Not Shooting' and 'FC The Champions 3: Forever' a lot of Belgians went to the cinema. A cinema visit is for many Belgians today clearly more than ever an ultimate moment of relaxation. From new research by BEA, the Belgian Entertainment Association, turns out to be after all, that 9 out of 10 Belgians are distracted at home while watching the movie, especially through the smartphone. 28% even have to rewind regularly to get the story. In cinema it succeeds big big silver screen there still in our full attention. The best solution is to demand it, but preferably in peace and quiet. 88% of our compatriots will find that the smartphone in the cinema must be stopped.

Belgian films continue to score!

The Belgian film productions performed very well in our cinemas in 2018. Last year the Belgian top ten was good for almost two million visitors, an increase of 47% compared to 2017. Almost all genres are represented in this top.

Last year, 'Patser' brought 366,113 visitors to Belgian cinemas and won the 'Belgian Big Screen Award'. for the most visited Belgian film. A beautiful award for the talented directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, who are currently in Hollywood to make the third Bad Boys-fi lm: 'Bad Boys For Life'. Number two of the most visited Belgian films feature 'Niet Schieten', the Flemish feature film about the events. of the gang of Nivelles, directed by Stijn Coninx. This fi lm attracted no less than 357,283 visitors to the Belgian cinemas.

Hans Van Acker from Kinepolis Film

Distribution (KFD):

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"Despite a slight decrease in the number of cinema-goers in 2018 we are pleased to note that the Belgian films have done better against that trend than in 2017. With a sharp increase in the total number of visitors are the local Belgian films account for 11% of the total in 2018. In 2017, the figure was 7%. We are also delighted today that 'Patser' has received the award for Belgium's best visited film in 2018, the received”

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Cinemagoers willing to spend more for the ultimate cinematic experience

Whereas in 2017 there was still a slight increase in the number of cinemagoers, in 2018 there was a decrease in the number of cinemagoers of just under 4%. A total of 18,790,615 Belgians went to the cinema. In this way, the sector achieved a turnover of slightly more than 160 million, almost the same as the year before. From this we can conclude that the average expenditure per visit increased and that the film enthusiasts are willing to pay extra for the ultimate cinematic experience. The investments of the Belgian cinema owners in IMAX-3D halls, 4DX, VIP seats and events are clearly profitable.

Pieter Swaelens - Director of Belgian Entertainment

Association: "Relaxing in a comfortable chair

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and watch the latest movies on a big screen is for many filmfans are still the ultimate fi lm experience. From new research shows that a cinema visit today more than ever is an excellent moment of relaxation with family or friends. This undoubtedly explains the success of events such as 'Ladies at the Movies' for an evening with friends or 'Obscure Night' for horror lovers."

Distraction is an advantage

Watch a movie at home without being distracted by the many screens that are in our living room today? Not easy! While we watch television, 90% of the Belgians are sometimes distracted.

Although half of the Belgians, in their own words, easily

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can do several things at once, they'll be at home anyway often distracted. Women are more likely than men to say that it is best to find it easy to do several things at once(V: 61%, M: 39%). However, 28% of Belgians sometimes even need to have an rewind the film to follow the story. The main culprits for this episode are other screens (mainly smartphone) (55%), their own thoughts (38%) and their housemates (37%).

Silence in the room, please.

During our cinematic experience we don't tolerate any distractions, 7 out of 10 Belgians are bothered by people who are in the cinema with other people.

...things are going on. 88% also believe that smartphones should be switched off in cinemas.

Size does matter

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We asked those Belgians that cinema the ultimate cinematic experience find out what their reasons for that are. 72% put among them the big screen in the first place. For 3 out of 10 of these film amateurs this big screen also helps them to get better focus on the film. Other reason to be very conscious for a cinema visit to be chosen are going out with family or friends (45%), the possibility to see new films much earlier (40%) and the conviviality of the cinema (34%). 2019 promises to be a varied film year. This year promises to be a fascinating film year with for everyone wants something. The whole family will enjoy 'Lion King', ‘Frozen 2’, ‘Detective Pikachu’ and ‘Secret lives of pets 2’. ‘Torpedo’, ‘Urbanus' and 'Driver' will be the fans of Belgian films. ...enchanting. Those who want more action and excitement will certainly enjoy from Captain Marvel, Men in Black International, Call of the Wild. and "IT Chapter 2" is only for the real daredevils among us. It year has started well for the qualitative film with 'The Favourite', Green Book and Colette.