Record Store Day Belgium, 13 April 2019 Jimmy Dewit ambassador and exclusive 7-inch release

Vinyl sales increase by 58% over the last 4 years

Brussels, 4 April 2019 - 'Record Store Day Belgium' (RSD Belgium) and the 'Belgian Entertainment Association Music' (BEA Music) join forces this year to support the international concept of 'Record Store Day' in Flanders. The Belgian edition, on 13 April 2019, will have its first ambassador, Jimmy Dewit aka DJ Bobby Ewing. In addition, 'RSD Belgium' 2019 will be celebrated in style with an exclusive 7-inch release in true Belpop style. In honour of this Belgian edition and the culture of the independent record store, Jimmy Dewit will organize a shopping tour with in-store performances on April 13th!

Record Store Day is a phenomenon that originated in America and has been known for years as the international holiday of the independent record store. Carried by the independent record stores, supported by record labels and celebrated by music lovers and artists. In addition, 'RSD' is known as the day when special exclusive vinyl releases appear, artists organize in-store performances and more. In addition to a social function as a meeting place for music lovers, Record Store Day has the task to let the physical product discover to the public. The latter successfully, sales of vinyl is growing again over the past few years.

Patrick Guns, chairman 'BEA Music' and General Manager 'Universal Music Belgium':

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"On 13 April we celebrate 'Records Store Day' again, a unique day where international attention is paid to the unique culture of the independent record store, we do this also in Belgium. We are pleased to be able to work together with the Belgian Record Store Day organisation. Through the support with exclusive vinyl releases and performances in a number of record stores we like to bring the enthusiast some things to the attention, and so there are many, or better, more and more. This is shown by the growth in vinyl sales of 58% over the past 4 years. April 13, 'Record Store Day, an ideal day to visit the participating record stores.”

Jimmy Dewit, Ambassador 'RSD' Belgium 2019:

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“Fortunately, you can't logarithmise record shops. The discoveries I've already made thanks to a conversation with someone in a record shop, whether it's a salesman or a customer.....

Nothing can beat that. There's also something healing about coming together with fellow musiclovers who still want to spend money on soundwaves that are committed on a physical music-player. By the way, what could be better than seeing A LOT of records in one room. Recordings that are also organised. Records that someone immediately knows how to find.”

Exclusive release in honor of 'RSD' 2019

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As additional support, an exclusive single will be available on 13 April in a limited edition of 1000 pieces. (limited available as a promotional item in the participating independent record stores)


A: The Cousins - Kili Watch (Publishing: World Music AB)

B: Chakachas - Eso Es El Amor (Publishing: Semi Editions)

The choice for Kili Watch and Eso Es El Amor, two Belpop classics, is inextricably linked to ambassador aka Belpop connoisseur Jimmy Dewit.

Instore tour Jimmy Dewit

This year's Record Store Day will take place on Saturday 13 April in numerous independent record stores in Belgium. Jimmy Dewit will organise so-called instores in record stores in Antwerp, Ghent, Limburg and Leuven. These performances are free of charge.

Program Record Store Day Belgium 2019, instores Flanders:

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Gauthier Soinne