Beware of illegal 'skin betting' websites!

On 25 March 2019, the Copenhagen court ruled in favour of the Danish gaming authority in a case involving the blocking of 25 websites offering illegal ‘skin betting’.


The Danish gaming authority asked internet service providers to block 25 illegal gambling sites. Ten of the 25 websites offer 'traditional' gambling (casinos and sports betting), while the other 15 websites offer 'skin betting'.

Recently, the phenomenon of 'skin betting' has emerged. This works in two ways: the 'skins' or other game items earned in a videogame can be auctioned for the highest bid - and for real money - on illegal third party sites.

This lawsuit is a step in the right direction against the fight against illegal ‘skin betting’ websites.

Find a guide on how to protect your child from skin betting websites and others on our Speelhetslim website here:

Gauthier Soinne